• Mike Argento: Kick start a movement - 07/23/2014 08:33 AM EDT
    Roast bear? No? How about Gold Rush chili and drop biscuits?

    07/22/2014 12:38 AM EDT
    Dried hardtack, anyone? We thought not. But the dubious cooking of the Gold Rush era has inspired the sourdough loaves and spicy chilis we enjoy today. 
    Taste-Off: Tastiest chicken wings -- and the ickiest
    07/20/2014 01:16 AM EDT - Is there anyone who doesn't love chicken wings? Here's the scoop on the best -- and nastiest -- offerings from the freezer case. 

    A tapas party for summer
    07/13/2014 08:52 PM EDT - Tapas, sangria and pintxos makes for a winning summer party theme 

    Take some relish in pickled goodies
    07/07/2014 08:03 PM EDT - Move over, sweet pickle relish. It's time for kimchee, kraut and chutney. Bay Area chefs like Preeti Mistry of Oakland's Juhu Beach Club and food purveyors like Kathryn Lukas of Santa Cruz's Farmhouse Culture are celebrating bold, ethnic relishes by infusing time-honored pickling traditions with California flair that inspires bright side dishes, meat toppers and straight-from-the-jar snacks.  

    DIY granola bars and other trail food
    07/03/2014 02:13 PM EDT - Hitting the trail? Tote some granola bars and trail mix you make yourself. 

    Seven summery salads for the Fourth of July
    06/24/2014 08:08 PM EDT - Throwing a Fourth of July bash? Here are seven flavorful sides to serve with the grilled chicken and burgers. 

    Potluck ice cream social is perfect summer party
    06/17/2014 05:46 PM EDT - Gather your friends and neighbors for an irresistible party featuring sundaes, splits and ice cream sandwiches. 

    Tacolicious and the soul of summer eating
    06/09/2014 05:42 PM EDT - Sara Deseran and Joe Hargrave are the power couple behind Tacolicious, a San Francisco and Palo Alto restaurant celebrating the very best of Mexican cuisine. With a cookbook due out in September and salsas now available at Williams-Sonoma, we talk to the owners about their philosophy and Californians' enduring love of the taco. 

    Wood-fired ovens are great for more than pizza
    06/05/2014 04:17 PM EDT - We may equate pizza with wood-fired ovens, but there's so much more you can do with one, says Andrea Mugnaini, whose Watsonville factory supplies those ovens to restaurants from Chez Panisse to Flour+Water. The ovens can be used for savory treats and desserts too. 

    Six great campfire dishes, from cocktails to s'mores
    05/29/2014 03:39 PM EDT - This menu of easy, sensational camping dishes runs the gamut from Mezcal Negronis and bruschetta to rib-eyes and DIY s'mores. 

    Man run over by own truck during road rage

    GAINESVILLE, Fla. (AP) — A man in Florida apparently got a dose of road rage karma when police say he was run over by his own pickup truck after getting out to bang on another driver's window. Full Story
    (Denis Poroy/Denis Poroy/Invision/AP)
    Fans start lining up as Comic-Con floor opens

    Comic-Con is all about bringing fans close to the artists and properties they love — after navigating crowds and waiting in line. Full Story