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  • Forsett sparks Ravens past Saints - 11/25/2014 01:58 AM EST
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    Mike Argento: New weird and inexplicable toys to warp young minds (column)

    11/25/2014 12:50 PM EST
    As you wander out on Black Friday, or stay in on Cyber Monday, or sleep until noon on Hangover Sunday, you're probably wondering: What great gift can I get that child in my life that would ensure that his or her mind is irrevocably warped by the time he or she hits adulthood? 
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    Mike Argento: A very special Manson wedding (column)
    11/21/2014 01:04 PM EST - NEWS ITEM: Mass killer Charles Manson was set to marry 26-year-old Afton Elaine "Star" Burton in California's Corcoran State Prison, where the groom is doing life for his role in the brutal murders of seven people in 1969. Full Story

    Mike Argento: RIP Chris Davis - a great musician and a great human being
    11/20/2014 06:16 PM EST - Stacey Young first met Chris Davis in the '70s. Chris, at the time, was playing with Strawbridge, a pretty well-known local band, and Stacey, a guitar player still in high school, would go to see them. Full Story

    Mike Argento: They fought Medicare and won, maybe
    11/18/2014 02:24 PM EST - It never seems to end. It seemed to end earlier this month, when Medicare, or more accurately, one of Medicare's subcontractors, approved the use of an ambulance to take Patricia Greenly to her dialysis appointments three times a week, a service that costs $896 per round trip. Full Story

    Mike Argento: High times in Pennsylvania (column)
    11/14/2014 03:10 PM EST - When news broke that Strand-Capitol President/CEO Kenneth Wesler was charged with growing marijuana — two plants allegedly framing the front door of his West Manchester Township home — I had the same thought that, probably, crossed the minds of a lot of other people. Full Story

    Mike Argento: The 12 days of Black Friday (column)
    11/14/2014 11:40 AM EST - NEWS ITEM: Walmart has announced that its Black Friday sales will now be held over five days, starting with online deals being offered Thanksgiving morning and door-buster specials beginning that evening and running through the weekend. Full Story

    Mike Argento: No balcony scene in 'Romeo and Juliet'?
    11/11/2014 01:01 PM EST - NEWS ITEM: The Atlantic Monthly reported that there was no balcony scene in Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet," that Shakespeare didn't know what a balcony was and that there were no balconies in England during his lifetime. Full Story

    Mike Argento: Paterno's death killed Corbett's political career (column)
    11/07/2014 01:31 PM EST - Penn State fans and alumni — many of whom are Republicans and many of whom would have voted for Corbett — turned on the governor. Full Story

    Mike Argento: The rest of the story about Babe Keller
    11/07/2014 08:31 AM EST - A NOTE >> Last week, I wrote about William "Babe" "Killer" Keller, restaurateur and big game hunter, who is buried beneath a pink granite sculpture of a Kodiak bear in Mount Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church in Springettsbury Township. Full Story

    Mike Argento: They call him "Hot Rod" for a reason
    11/03/2014 01:43 PM EST - As long as he can remember, Tom Royer has loved cars. When he was a kid, he built model cars. He was always drawing cars, from the time he could hold a pencil, it seemed. Full Story

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    Bette Midler to Ariana Grande: Clean up your act

    The veteran entertainer complains in an interview that young singers rely too much on selling sex instead of talent.