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Mike Argento: Sure, blame the dog for White House intruder

10/02/2014 12:06 PM EDT
Editor's note: As is the case when dogs are in the news, Mike handed his column-writing duties over to his neurotic greyhound Lester to comment on the latest developments in the Secret Service scandal and the role dogs played in it. 
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Mike Argento: Porngate: Men are baboons? No, they're worse (column)
10/01/2014 12:58 PM EDT - Male baboons, generally speaking, are terrible creatures. They are nasty and violent, and when it comes to relationships with the fairer sex they are, well, baboons. Full Story

Mike Argento: Guarding Roosevelt and going to war (column)
09/30/2014 10:44 AM EDT - Robert Mumford's never really told the story about his service during World War II because he thought nobody would believe him. Full Story

Mike Argento: What's in a nickname? Not a lot (column)
09/26/2014 01:11 PM EDT - About three years ago, authorities in New York rounded up more than 100 alleged mobsters accused of various high crimes and misdemeanors, revealing — to those who care about such things — that we may be living in the golden era of mob nicknames. Full Story

Mike Argento: Bluett Bros. Violins started with a guitar thrown in the fireplace
09/25/2014 03:49 PM EDT - When he was a kid, about 12 or so, Mark Bluett had a friend who built a dulcimer and a violin. He was interested in the instruments, being a musician himself. Full Story

Mike Argento: A chance encounter, after nearly 60 years
09/25/2014 12:04 PM EDT - Gladys mentioned that her husband served on the Stockham. And the man, Nace, said he too had served on the Stockham. Full Story

Mike Argento: Dallastown grad Brent Morrison helped catch a record-breaking marlin
09/11/2014 03:15 PM EDT - Three years ago, he entered the big-time, the Mid-Atlantic out of Ocean City, the richest fishing tournament in the world. Full Story

Mike Argento: Pity poor Charlie.
09/11/2014 07:54 AM EDT - Here's the story of Charlie, a bunny who was entered into York Fair rabbit judging.  Full Story

Mike Argento: The NFL, the NCAA, half measures and full measures
09/10/2014 03:26 PM EDT - The NFL took a half measure, and it failed. When it tried to correct it with a full measure, it also failed. The NCAA took a different approach. It took a full measure against Penn State. Full Story

Mike Argento: The Burys - York Fair's first family of hamburgers
09/10/2014 07:55 AM EDT - There was a rumor going around that Johnny Eagle's wouldn't be at the York Fair this year. Full Story

Washington crews try to oust persistent beaver

PORT ORCHARD, Wash. (AP) — A road crew in Washington state has had it with a beaver that persists in building a dam under a bridge. Full Story
(John Carucci/AP)
Taymor puts 'Spider-Man' behind her with new movie

TORONTO (AP) — Moving on from the debacle that was "Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark," Julie Taymor has gone back to an old friend — Shakespeare. Full Story
(Greg Gayne / FX)
Charlie Sheen allegedly pulls knife on dentist

Former 'Two and a Half Men’ actor was supposedly on cocaine and didn’t want nitrous oxide during dental visit.