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    Mike Argento: Declaring jihad on the mean girls

    10/23/2014 04:10 PM EDT
    NEWS ITEM: Three teenage girls from Colorado skipped out of school to join the terrorist group ISIS. They got as far as Frankfurt, Germany, where they were detained and sent back home. 
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    Mike Argento: We're all going to die, just not now (column)
    10/17/2014 01:40 PM EDT - The other week, a rumor circulated around town that the Centers for Disease Control had set up camp in town. Full Story

    Mike Argento: Fighting Medicare
    10/16/2014 04:58 PM EDT - Brian Runkle first met Patricia Greenly and her husband, Mervin, 23 years ago when they moved into his apartment complex, just a few doors down. Full Story

    Mike Argento: Picking up a check for a WWII vet
    10/14/2014 12:02 PM EDT - Wally Clarke was unable to catch up with the man who picked up his dinner check. He'd like to find out so he can thank him and give him a copy of his book, a nicely bound hard-cover, that tells the story of his war service. Full Story

    Mike Argento: The truth is out there, way out there
    10/10/2014 12:41 PM EDT - It has come to my attention that there is a fairly large community that believes Stevie Wonder isn't really blind. Full Story

    Mike Argento: The Comcasting of the Secret Service
    10/13/2014 11:02 AM EDT - NEWS ITEM: Comcast executive, Joe Clancy, security director for the cable/communications giant, has been picked to replace Julia Pierson, who resigned as chief of the Secret Service following a series of embarrassing security breaches. Full Story

    Mike Argento: Keeping the memory of her son alive, one trucker at a time
    10/07/2014 11:49 AM EDT - Gene Anthony Hughes didn't set out to be a trucker. Growing up in Philipsburg — a small town that straddles the border between Centre and Clearfield counties in northwestern Pennsylvania — he was able to find enough trouble to make it tough to find a job. Full Story

    Mike Argento: Sure, blame the dog for White House intruder
    10/02/2014 12:06 PM EDT - Editor's note: As is the case when dogs are in the news, Mike handed his column-writing duties over to his neurotic greyhound Lester to comment on the latest developments in the Secret Service scandal and the role dogs played in it. Full Story

    Mike Argento: Porngate: Men are baboons? No, they're worse (column)
    10/01/2014 12:58 PM EDT - Male baboons, generally speaking, are terrible creatures. They are nasty and violent, and when it comes to relationships with the fairer sex they are, well, baboons. Full Story

    Mike Argento: Guarding Roosevelt and going to war (column)
    09/30/2014 10:44 AM EDT - Robert Mumford's never really told the story about his service during World War II because he thought nobody would believe him. Full Story

    Heads or tails? Coin toss decides Peru election

    LIMA, Peru (AP) — A coin toss has decided the mayoral race in small town high in the Peruvian Andes after two candidates tied at the ballot box. Full Story
    (Chris Schneider/AP)
    New Mexico wants home of noted artist recognized

    ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) — Artist Luis Jimenez is credited with helping transform the definition of public art in the U. Full Story
    'Here Comes Honey Boo Boo" star Mama June dating convicted child molester

    In news that could mean the end of the reality TV show; it’s been reported that “Mama June” Shannon has rekindled her romance with Mark McDaniel, who spent 10 years in prison for allegedly molesting a 8-year-old girl who was a relative of Mama June’s.