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(Paul Kuehnel — York Daily Record/ Sunday News)
Zapping bugs on the Wrightsville bridge: A missed opportunity (Mike Argento column)

07/01/2015 04:16 PM EDT
Reading the stories about the terror on the Wrightsville-Columbia Bridge caused by swarms of mayflies, it seems a lot of people are missing the point, or at least missing an opportunity. 
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Helping the dying — with dogs (Mike Argento column)
06/30/2015 11:51 AM EDT - Nadine Miller became the go-to dog person for the hospice service. Full Story

Couple to tie the knot in the wake of the Supreme Court ruling on same sex marriage
06/27/2015 08:11 PM EDT - Sandy Henise was just hanging out, watching Netflix, Friday morning when she got a text message from her daughter, Parker Faircloth-Henise. Full Story

The Confederate flag represents hate, not heritage (Mike Argento column)
06/26/2015 10:25 AM EDT - The German Bundestag doesn't fly the swastika flag in front of the Reichstag. In fact, in Germany, it is illegal to display the swastika. Full Story

Red Lion grad was a Rolling Stone for a day (Mike Argento column)
06/23/2015 05:14 PM EDT - Until she was a Rolling Stone for a day, the best day in Katelyn Waltimyer's life came while she was on tour with the Penn State Concert Choir in Australia this spring and she got to visit the late Steve Irwin's Australia Zoo in Beerwah. Full Story

The Trojan cow: Beware of Lancastrians bearing gifts (Mike Argento column)
06/19/2015 02:03 PM EDT - A satirical website, People Of Lancaster, not long ago posted a piece about Lancaster invading York by hiding soldiers in a Trojan Cow donated by Turkey Hill. Full Story

Say it loud, I'm black and I'm proud (Mike Argento column)
06/19/2015 10:42 AM EDT - I'm black. I just found out — sort of. I kind of knew about it from the Quentin Tarantino-penned movie "True Romance," but a little Googling revealed that I can claim black heritage. Full Story

How a York County trucker won the lottery, then lost it, then won it again — twice (Mike Argento column)
06/16/2015 09:20 AM EDT - Kevin Cibulka doesn't play the lottery often. Just now and then, when he's on the road — he's an independent, over-the-road trucker — he'll buy a ticket at a truck stop while refueling with diesel and coffee. Full Story

Cops gone wild, again (Mike Argento column)
06/12/2015 01:50 PM EDT - For a few years in a row, I was assigned to cover the York City Police Department's annual awards ceremony, during which it commends officers for doing good work. Full Story

Bad reviews for ISIS mag, Dabiq (Mike Argento column)
06/11/2015 04:23 PM EDT - NEWS ITEM: For two weeks, Amazon.com was selling the ISIS-run English-language propaganda magazine “Dabiq” on its website. Full Story

Man charged with robbing same New Jersey bank 5 years later

ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. (AP) — A Philadelphia man robbed a New Jersey bank four months after he was released from prison for robbing the same place five years earlier, prosecutors said. Full Story
(Kristy McDonald/AP)
Deadheads get a new way to add Garcia to their social media

NEW YORK (AP) — Deadheads looking to add a little more Jerry Garcia to their lives can now incorporate the late Grateful Dead guitarist into their social media with the video storytelling platform Magisto. Full Story