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Mike Argento: Black man felt targeted in store (column)

08/24/2014 08:15 AM EDT
Ali Johnson of Manchester Township, a personal trainer and an assistant football coach for William Penn Senior High School, said he felt that he was racially profiled by Macy's employees during a recent back-to-school shopping trip with his son. 
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Mike Argento: A man who actually wants to go to the dentist
08/20/2014 11:56 AM EDT - The tooth that was pulled is on the edge of his smile, he said. When he smiles, he said, you can see the gap. Full Story

Mike Argento: A Screaming Wiener? Not what you think.
08/14/2014 03:36 PM EDT - Not long ago, York Fair President Gene Schenck stopped by a used office furniture store in East York, looking for a conference table for the fair's offices. Full Story

Mike Argento: Robin Williams would have found humor in reaction to his death
08/14/2014 06:47 PM EDT - Well, that didn't take long. It was the day after comic genius Robin Williams was found dead in his Malibu home and Rush Limbaugh was pontificating about it, spewing the usual kind of nonsensical nonsense that appears to be his schtick. Full Story

Mike Argento: Another very special dog
08/14/2014 11:16 AM EDT - Editor's Note: Once again, Mike is taking the day off and handing his column over to his neurotic greyhound, Lester, who has a few things to say about a new dog in the house, Delmer, formerly known as Slatex Exxon. Full Story

Mike Argento: Nothing to fear but Ebola itself
08/08/2014 09:29 PM EDT - Blame the Pennsylvania Lottery. You've seen the commercial. Some guy sitting in his backyard with his wife and a faraway look in his eye, as if he's contemplating his mortality and that he has reached middle age without ever owning a bitchin' Camaro. Full Story

Mike Argento: A witness to the Hex murder passes
08/08/2014 10:23 AM EDT - Jeannette Harvey — she was a Shank then — was born on Sept. 7, 1916, in Carbondale, Pa. She grew up during the Great Depression, saw wars, large and small, come and go, lived during good times and bad, bore witness to much of what is known as the American century. Full Story

Mike Argento: A happier ending for 'Dumbo'? Nah.
08/05/2014 12:15 PM EDT - News Item: The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals has asked Disney to change the ending of a live-action version of "Dumbo," having the elephant escaping the circus at the end instead of living happily ever after in show business. Full Story

Mike Argento: The trail to America, paved with tears, pain and frustration
08/01/2014 12:03 PM EDT - Her story is just one of many in attorney Steve Converse's files. Converse, who practices immigration law out of his East York office, represents perhaps a dozen children who came to this country, fleeing terrible conditions in Central America, places where violence and crushing poverty are the Full Story

Mike Argento: The death of Charlie the cat by pit bull attack
07/31/2014 02:09 PM EDT - Charlie was in the backyard on the afternoon of June 27 when Hall, who was in her bedroom, heard a commotion. She went to the kitchen door and saw Charlie being attacked by two pit bulls, the neighbors' dogs, named Brownie and Baby Girl. Full Story

Vermont bistro scolded for removing its bacon sign

WINOOSKI, Vt. (AP) — A Vermont restaurant that removed a bacon advertisement called insensitive to vegans and Muslims is being criticized for doing so. Full Story
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Diane Sawyer exits as ABC's evening news anchor

NEW YORK (AP) — Diane Sawyer signed off as anchor of ABC's "World News" on Wednesday, telling viewers that it has been wonderful to be the "home port" of the network's news team each weeknight. Full Story