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  • Pacquiao, Roach scheme for Mayweather - 04/27/2015 11:19 PM EDT
    Mike Argento: Turning the tables on Comcast (column)

    04/24/2015 08:11 AM EDT
    NEWS ITEM: Comcast reportedly scrapped plans to acquire Time-Warner after meeting with the Justice Department last week, apparently unable to convince the federal government that the proposed $5 billion merger between the two cable giants would not violate federal anti-trust laws. 
    Full Story

    Louie Shoop: He was a car guy (Mike Argento column)
    04/23/2015 03:27 PM EDT - Harry Lewis Shoop didn't like being called Harry. He hated the name. Everybody called him Louie. He was a car guy, born to it actually. Full Story

    Mike Argento: X-NUYRKER collects license plates (column)
    04/21/2015 12:10 PM EDT - Arthur Levine's has five complete license plate collections. He has sample plates from every state, some harder to come by than others. Full Story

    Mike Argento: How about this? Increased penalties for stupid criminals (column)
    04/17/2015 08:58 AM EDT - Some time back — this is years ago — an enterprising felon figured he had stumbled upon a foolproof plan, one that, if you didn't think about it too strenuously, would be the perfect crime. Full Story

    Ricki the Bear doing well in Colorado, has new friend named Josie (column)
    04/16/2015 10:17 PM EDT - It's been a couple of months since Ricki the Bear flew the coop-like enclosure that had served as her home for 16 years and lit out for the western territories, finding a new home just outside Keenesburg, Colo. Full Story

    Mike Argento: Yar, matey, pirates plunder 'Game of Thrones' (column)
    04/15/2015 08:26 AM EDT - NEWS ITEM: The first four episodes of HBO's wildly popular series "Game of Thrones" were pirated and posted on the Internet ahead of the official airing of the fifth season's premier episode. Full Story

    Mike Argento: Here's the deal, Ace: Cancer. Sgt. Andy Knaub is fighting for his life (column)
    04/09/2015 04:03 PM EDT - He's fighting the disease. And he has a lot of help. Police from all over stop by his house, or call. Friends send cards and prayers and dinners. And his department, and his township, have joined the fight. Full Story

    Mike Argento: Bucket makes a comeback
    04/07/2015 03:19 PM EDT - They all call Justin Almoney "Bucket." It's an odd nickname. He got it when he was working on a family farm, and one of the young women there took to giving everyone seemingly random nicknames. Full Story

    Mike Argento: Tom Wolf? Socialist?
    04/03/2015 08:39 AM EDT - The other day, WGAL News aired one of its regular segments about our new governor, called the "Wolf Watch," intended, I suppose, to place the governor under the same level of scrutiny as the eagles nesting at Codorus State Park. Full Story

    Mike Argento: Fourteen generations of the Ziegler family
    04/02/2015 12:32 PM EDT - It began with "Roots." Allen Ziegler and his wife, Elaine, watched the miniseries and it sparked something. Full Story

    (Cory Freyer/AP)
    Filmmaker among 4 Americans killed on Everest

    A documentary filmmaker from Colorado was among four Americans killed in a Mount Everest avalanche triggered by the earthquake that shook Nepal. Full Story